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Subzero 650 Door Layout Basics.doc

This file is a drawing in Word97 format that shows one of our suggestions for the front of single door SubZeros with a single freezer drawer (378 KB).


This file will install DesignCAD Viewer on your computer.  It will allow you to view various icebox and other CAD drawings that we can email to you.  The program has various abilities that make it significantly more versatile than a plain image file of the drawing (4.7 MB).


This Word 2003 document includes dimensional drawings for our hardware.

Repros2004.dxg, Repros2000.dwg, ReprosR14.dwg, ReprosR13.dwg, ReprosR12.dxg, Repros2004.dwf, Repros2000.dwf, ReprosR14.dxf, ReprosR13.dwf, ReprosR12.dwf

These AutoCAD files contain dimensional drawings of our reproduction hardware that can be imported directly into many CAD programs. There are numerous versions in both .dxf and .dwg formats. To download a file to your hard drive right click on the file you want and then click "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Reproduction Hardware Pricelist.doc

This file contains all pricing for our reproduction hardware, please call us if you have questions. (1.94 MB)

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